1. Name: Sandro
IG: @saniodigitalart
Location: Croatia, Europe
Website: N/A

2. What inspired you to begin creating art?

I have always been attracted to art since I was a child. My paternal grandfather used to draw simple drawings for me and he showed me how to simply draw animals at the beginning.
As a kid I loved to watch animated movies and when I saw ‘Prince of Egypt’ somehow my fascination towards ancient Egypt woke up.
Being ‘able’ to draw gave me an ability to give life back to the people of Egypt.
I went to art classes in school, my art was recognized and awarded and it only motivated me to carry on and draw.
After a while, when my parents bought me my first PC I started to use Photoshop and that is how SanioDigitalArt was born. 🙂

3. To what degree does your cultural background/heritage influence your work?

I am Slavic, so my culture and heritage is more of a ‘Witcher’ style but never the less I adore our ancient mythology and culture.
However, I never actually drew anything that is connected to my heritage.
Maybe I should give it a try now and then.

4. What draws you to create with this medium in particular?

I use Photoshop. Before it and now and then I use watercolors and graphic pencils to draw but my favorite medium is for sure Photoshop.
I can make countless mistakes and fixes and the colors are very vibrant and bold, what I actually love.

5. Why do you use the colors/forms/shapes/textures/patterns that you do?

I love, just simply love to illustrate white cloth on a dark skin and add golden jewellery.
The combination of white, brown and gold is something that is very divine for me and attractive a lot.

6. How would you describe the current trajectory of your work?

Well a work 9 – 5 every day during the week and I find it very hard to focus on my art and I can feel that my art and my inspiration suffers because of it.
At the moment I have lots of commissions, job offerings to illustrate books and miscellaneous items and to be honest I am on a crossroad of my life, thinking of quitting my job and giving 100% to my art.
And with each day passing I am close to step on the road of my art. 🙂

7. Who/ what do you draw inspiration from creatively? Whether it is musical, visual, literary, religious, etc sources?

One of my biggest inspirations are women. Their strength yet softness. Their beauty and power.
Also, as you all know, ancient Egypt is my huge inspiration.
Show me a strong queen, princess or even an ordinary woman and soon I will have a vision.

8. What do you do to pull yourself out of a creative block?

That’s a tough one. I had a creative block for almost a year. And it was very hard to push myself back into the creative world.
But once I started, once people started to praise my art, it gave me the fuel to draw more.
My art makes me happy. And I see that it makes other people happy. And that is very important if you ask me.
The task of an artist is to spread joy and happiness.

9. What is the desired effect that you hope for your art to have on its viewers?

It is very simple. I want to make people happy. When they see my art, they feel the warmth of happiness inside them. 🙂

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