Infinite Grace. 48×60. Acrylic on canvas. 2019

Traveling beings journey. Predicting what’s to become the future with understanding where you are in the present with the knowledge you gained from the past, all through the silhouette of the iconic Nefertiti!

1. Name: Eddie Santana White (Edo is my artist name) IG: @legomyedo Location: Chicago, IL Website: Totheinfinite.com

2. What inspired you to begin creating art?

Well, What inspired me to begin creating art was…. I’m actually easily inspired by everything you know. But I guess subconsciously it was A sense of escapism like I had a place where I could go to to be free in a way. A place where there was no rules. A place where I could put all of my own emotions & energy into. For the things I was going through, at the time, art was like therapy to me so that’s kind of how it happened you know. I just found myself creating and how it made me feel that sense of freedom was so new to me… Really euphoric in a way. So yeah I would say that’s what inspired me. The freedom/escapism of it. Well that’s what initially inspired me. Now it’s more so about being of service to the world through my work. Being a messenger/ vessel in a way.

Excelsior. 48×48. Acrylic on canvas. 2019.

Stan Lee is one of my biggest inspirations. This piece is dedicated to his legacy he left behind for us nerds. There’s over 90 objects all referencing my favorite characters from the wonderful mind of Stan Lee including Fantastic 4, Iron Man, X-Men, and even Spider-Man. This piece also possesses objects that speak to Stan Lee’s personal life.

3. To what degree does your cultural background/heritage influence your work?

My cultural background influenced my work alot. As Im thinking about it right now I’m realizing that a lot of my work has to do with us knowing our own worth as far as Minorities & African Americans. We belong in these places too. We deserve everything that everybody else feels that they deserve. We’re the creators of so many things and I feel that gets even more lost with each generation. That’s why I feel like I’m here to really show my people that you can dream too & you can do what you want to do. You can look how you want to look. And you don’t have to be afraid to dream in this world. It’s a beautiful thing to dream. Majority of my work speaks to that. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes, unlock your mind, and dream. They can’t take that away from you!


4. What draws you to create with this medium in particular?

What draws me to create within the medium I created in is…. It’s really just how my mind works. I’m extremely particular, very organized and structured. I think everything through for the most part. Ninety five percent of my paintings are all thought through before I start. And then the other five percent happens organically as I go on to paint a painting. But for the most part yes its really how I think. I wanted to make art that possessed many things in it & wasn’t just one thing you can look at and it just stays the same & lives in that time space. I want my work to transcend and I want it to consistently refresh itself over time that’s where the “infinite” comes from. because you can look at my work right now and find something in it & then you can look at it a year from now and find something completely different in it. It grows with the collector and I think that’s a beautiful beautiful thing.


5. How does the medium help to depict your ideas?

I think it helps to depict my ideas because it allows for my messages to come through clearly. For the most part it gets directly to the point I’m trying to prove. It’s simple enough for the youth to digest but complex enough for an art cultured being to study it.

6. Why do you use the colors/forms/shapes/textures/patterns that you do?

I use the colors, shapes, words, and phrases all for specific reasons. I use the colors because I want to attract the eyes to the painting. Once you get to the painting the shapes, words and phrases all combine to tell a specific story (story varies depending on the actual piece). But I also want the viewer to immerse themselves in my work. Because even though I’m telling a specific story, it’s really not about me. It’s about the viewer, and how much the piece resonates with them. I love when people get lost in my work !

Elsewhere. 60×48. Acrylic on canvas. 2017.

This is my first painting ever. Elsewhere, is the tale of an humanoid named M-A-R-C (Making A Real Change & Mental and Reality Connection) who journeys from his dying planet earth, to the inhabitable planet, Elsewhere. While on his journey he encounters many allies, foes, obstacles and fun filled experiences.

This piece was also created to take the viewer on a journey of self discovery. The viewer is to immerse themselves in the piece, let their minds run wild & enjoy the ride !

7. How would you describe the current trajectory of your work?

The current trajectory of my work is it’s becoming a lot more spiritual! My new series speaks to that a lot. I think it’s really interesting as we grow we tend to elevate (atleast those who seek elevation). Raise our frequencies. That’s exactly what’s going on with me & my work. The stories I’m telling are from more of a spiritual place. It’s no longer about me, truly. Certain messages hit me and inspire me to create something to give to the world. My work is also becoming a bit more intricate and clean. The way the colors lay to even the line work… everything stepped up another notch !

8. Who/ what do you draw inspiration from creatively? Whether it is musical, visual, literary, religious, etc sources?

I really do draw inspiration from any and everything. I could hear a conversation and pick up something pivotal or I could be walking down a street and my eye catches something. I give my all to be present and aware of my surroundings. My biggest inspiration lately has been my inner spirit. I get quiet and I just listen. Allowing it to guide me. It’s sparked some of my best work to date & the new work I’m working on !

Infinite Truth. 48×48. Acrylic on canvas. 2018

What’s reality and what’s a dream ? This painting dives into that question taking the viewer on a journey where they themselves will be force to answer that question. 90+ objects referencing my favorite Jim Carrey movies, my favorite being The Truman Show.

9. What do you do to pull yourself out of a creative block?

To be honest I don’t really have creative blocks. Might sound weird but it’s true (hahaha). If anything I have to tell myself to relax at times. My mind is always running & I usually burn out ! So lately I’ve been giving myself Grace periods just to to absolutely nothing. Not the easiest thing to do, but I’m getting better for sure!

10. What is the desired effect that you hope for your art to have on its viewers?

The desired effect I want my work to have on the viewers is simple…. I want it to heal and inspire them. I want it to bring joy & light into the minds, homes, galleries, and buildings around the world !


The artist in front of “DOWN THERE” 2021b

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