1. Name: Eddie Santana White (Edo is my artist name) IG: @legomyedo Location: Chicago, IL Website: Totheinfinite.com 2. What inspired you to begin creating art? Well, What inspired me to begin creating art was…. I’m actually easily inspired by everything you know. But I guess subconsciously it was A sense of escapism like I hadContinue reading “EDO”

Sahaya Sharma Kapur

1. Name: Sahaya Sharma Kapur IG: @sahayasharma Location: New Delhi, India Website: http://www.sahayasahaya.com 2. What inspired you to begin creating art? Childhood escapism. Creating art has always been a transcendental activity for me. It was something I made in the confines of my bedroom that I shared with my sister. It was a safe space I went to.Continue reading “Sahaya Sharma Kapur”

Seema Shakti

1. Name: Seema Shakti IG: seemashakti Location: New York City Website: http://www.seemashakti.com 2. What inspired you to begin creating art? I’m a self-taught visual artist without formal training and I’ve enjoyed visual art as a medium of expression since my childhood. I created art more seriously after graduating college and began to formally identify asContinue reading “Seema Shakti”

Kiyomi Quinn Taylor

Name: Kiyomi Quinn Taylor       IG: @Kiyomitay     Location: New York    Website: kiyomitaylor.com 2. What inspired you to begin creating art? When I was younger I loved to read but, I was very visual. It was much easier for me to formulate a picture (also, somehow less scary) than to choose words to express myself. As I learned moreContinue reading “Kiyomi Quinn Taylor”

Lina Puerta

Name: Lina PuertaIG: @linapuertaart Current Location: NYC Country of Origin: USA/Colombia Website: http://www.linapuerta.net What inspired you to begin creating art? Seeing Art and being deeply moved by it. To what degree does your cultural background/heritage influence your work?For a long time I resisted the idea that my cultural background had any influence in my work,Continue reading “Lina Puerta”

Amrit Singh Sandhu

Name: Amrit Singh Sandhu  IG: @amrit_artworks; Current Location: Brooklyn, New York Country of Origin: India Website: https://amritartworks.wixsite.com/55555 What inspired you to begin creating art?I’ve been passionate about art since as long as I can remember. As a kid watching my father, who is also an artist, create things with such passion and dedication made me pickContinue reading “Amrit Singh Sandhu”